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Bulk Core Legal Entity Data

While the OpenCorporates API gives direct access to the hundreds of millions of records in OpenCorporates' vast database of legal entities, many enterprise users need our core legal entity data in bulk.

The advantages of this are:

  • access to tens of millions of legal entity records in one go
  • guaranteed stability of format (vs API version changes)
  • enrich or QA your existing bulk databases
  • allows machine learning and large-scale data analysis
  • suitable for high-security environments where external calls are not permitted
  • works with existing flat-file ETL processes

OpenCorporates has the bulk data solution you need, providing core company data as a global file, or by region (US, Europe or Rest of World), and at two levels: core data dictionary, and extended fields. Updates can be supplied quarterly or monthly

Want to use this data for an open-data project?

Our goal at OpenCorporates is to improve access to and quality and understanding of data about companies, under a licence that encourages reuse. We want you to use our data, for a public purpose, for journalism, for academic research, for other great open data websites and services, and also commercially. If your proposed use of our data means you are able to freely share your results under the terms of our Open Data licence, then we can usually provide you with these products at no cost.

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2 ways to access our data

OpenCorporates API

OpenCorporates’ API gives you direct, real-time access to the underlying structured data, with powerful queries and results as JSON or XML, ready to enhance data on demand or power onboarding or investigation workflows. Plans start from as little as £99/year.

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Bulk Core Legal Entity Data

For some users, only access to complete datasets will do, allowing the detailed analysis, integration with internal or third-party data, and importing via existing ETL processes. Available as CSV files, with a variety of delimiters/formats and regions.

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