Corporate transparency is a critical requirement for a fairer society

To ensure that everyone knows exactly who they are working with. To create a trusted business environment we want to work in – and a society we’d all like to live in. To tackle corruption and criminality.

Our Public Benefit Mission

Free company information for everyone

We live in a corporate world – corporate entities now touch every part of our lives. The complex networks that form banks and financial companies; global tech giants that mediate our lives; shell companies used for money-laundering, organised crime and corruption – understanding this is critical to free and fair societies and the rule of law, as well as good business.

Domain expertise, plus structured data for journalists and NGOs

OpenCorporates is the largest open database of companies in the world, and are committed to ensuring that journalists, NGOs and academics have full access to this data – giving them access to our structured data, plus training and our deep domain expertise.

Advocating for open data and corporate transparency

OpenCorporates has been the world’s leading force behind opening up official company data, as well as working with NGOs, governments and anti-corruption activists on issues such as beneficial ownership, anti-money laundering, and financial crime.